Cats Eyes

Cats Eyes

Cats eyes really are beautiful. They can be blue, green or gold. Kittens are born with blue eyes, which may change colour as they get older. Much like a human baby’s eyes. The most common eye colour for cats range from greenish-yellow to gold.

Cats really do have the most amazing eyes in the world. Unlike humans, instead of having a circular pupil, the black parts of their eyes are vertical, and can adapt quickly to changes in light.

But did you know that your cats eyes are a subtle way of reading your cats behaviour. Understanding your cats eyes could mean avoiding a sharp claw or bite!

Cats also use their body, tail and face to communicate with us and every blink, twitch and flick has a meaning.

The changes in your cats pupils are not just light related. They can also change due to fear, anger and pleasure. They can go from dark large pools to the thinnest of slits.

How to read a cats eye communication;

  • If your cats eyes are wide open, this signals love and trust
  • Cats often stare, but if they are not blinking in their stare, then this is generally a warning to the object of the stare! When a cat is cross, their eyes are deep, dark and full and along with a flicking tail, this is usually a sign to leave them be!
  • It is very difficult to know if your cat is in pain as they hide it well. But if they are in pain then their pupils will be dilated. Squinting also indicates pain.
  • Slow eye blinks are the best! The sleepy, dreamy look expresses love and trust. If your cat slow blinks at you, then return the affection with a slow blink and share the love!

Did you Know?....

“Cats eyes” in the road were invented by in 1933 by Percy Shaw. On a foggy night he was driving down a steep winding road. He was suddenly plunged into darkness. But thanks to a cat who was sitting on a fence and the reflection of their eyes, he avoided crashing into it. And so the reflective cats eyes were invented.  They were hailed as one of the greatest developments in road safety.

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