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Welcome to empurrium! We hope you like our play on words. 😊


www.empurrium.com launched in January of 2021 and is jointly run by myself and my husband.  It came about from my love of everything cat! You can read about my lovely fur babies below.

All my career was spent in Marketing and Communications, working in many industries and sectors. I eventually decided to go freelance, so that I could fit my work around family commitments. In May 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and so at this point I gave up work to focus on my health. When I was ready to go back to work, my husband introduced the idea of having an online shop. This would mean that we could work for ourselves and work around our daughter.

After doing a bit of research and training, we launched a site specialising in Christmas goods as a bit of a toe in the water. Having a husband who has been designing, developing and enhancing websites for his whole career has come in mightily handy. His knowledge and expertise makes the experience smoother and more efficient. But our real dream was to have an online shop that sold all things cat, and so www.empurrium.com was born.

I love searching for new and unique cat gifts, and we hope that you love them too. If there is something in particular that you are looking for and can't find, please get in touch and we will see if we can source it for you!

Treat yourself and your feline friend at the same time!

Happy shopping!




I have had a cat around for much of my life. My first cat was called Dennis (the menace) and he certainly could be one! But he was longhaired, black and white and properly dressed in top and tails with white paws and a white bib and so elegant. He lived to the ripe old age of 18!

We also had Dolly, who was also black and white and longhaired, but not quite so elegant or laid back. She could be very grumpy and often swipe at you for no reason! But we loved her

When I moved into my first house on my own, Tiggy the tortoiseshell moved in with me. I had her from a kitten and she was full of mischief and adventure and could go off for days at a time, only returning to eat and sleep and then she was off again. Not long after the arrival of Tiggy came Winnie and Rooey. (I had a thing about Winnie-the-Pooh, hence their names!) Winnie was an absolute diva, beautiful and grey, and she knew it. Rooey was much more the dishevelled one, all black, and was always getting into difficulties. Some of her escapades included, catching her foot in a fence,(vets trip required), getting stuck in a tree for nearly a week (and only came down on Christmas Day, what a present that was!), catching cow pox (another vet trip!) from a sheep and getting shut in a shed for a couple of days, to name a few.

I believe all 3 came from the same parents, but in 2separate litters, and this would explain why they all at some point suffered from diabetes, which we managed through daily injections. I lived on my own with my cats for many years and my friends would call me the cray cat lady.  One also said she would happily come back as one of my cats as they were spoilt rotten.

Sadly, all 3 of these precious babies have now left us, but they had lovely lives and Rooey lived to 18 years, so I had her for over half my adult life. I hope to get another kitten in the Spring and I can’t wait. I will post photos when we get them.


To bring quality, unique cat themed gifts to people who adore their cats.


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